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This practice offers you a non-judgemental atmosphere no judgement is ever made on your personal journey, preferences or choice in life experiences.

I maintain the highest confidentiality standards available according to Australian law requirements and a framework of keeping up with current data and professional development. Individual Counselling, Relationship Counselling and Sex Therapy.

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Featured in the Brisbane Courier Mail, and speaker on "The Wire"and Radio 4BC.

Sex Therapy for:

For Men's Sexual Issues
* Erectile dysfunction also known as impotence erection problems penis problems difficulty in getting or keeping an erection.

* Premature ejaculation also known as rapid ejaculation ejaculate too quickly.
* Delayed ejaculation difficulty in ejaculating slow or cannot ejaculate.
* Low libido or no libido lack of sex drive low interest in sex.

Sex Therapy for:
For Women's Sexual Issues
* Low libido also known as lack of sex drive little or no interest in sex.
* Arousal problems also known as low or no arousal.
* Orgasm dysfunction orgasm problems cannot orgasm having trouble reaching orgasm.


Not Interested in Sex?
More & more people are presenting for sex therapy to deal with sexual difficulties such as a lack of desire for sex. For a couple, this can often cause a lack of understanding, blame, shame and judgement.
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Women's Difficulty Reaching Orgasm
Why can some women achieve orgasm and others find it difficult or even impossible to reach?
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Sex in the 50s, 60s, 70s plus
A common misconception is that sexual intimacy should decline as we get older. However does sexual desire reduce in our 50s, 60s & 70s? Fact or myth?
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Sex is Painful
The first step is to assess whether the pain exists only during sexual activity or exists at other times as well as during sexual activity.
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I Always Initiate Sex
One of the most common problems presenting in sex therapy is the complaint that one party in the relationship, initiates sex more than the other.  
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I Want Sex More Than My Partner
Mismatched libidos can be a significant problem for some couples. The problem may have existed for the entire length of the relationship or may have arisen at some point in the relationship timeline.
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Difficulty keeping Erection
Those who have experienced erectile dysfunction cheered the development of PDE5 inhibitors.
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