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Many of us at some point in our lives have visited or spoken over the phone, to a psychic/clairvoyant. We’ve recorded the session or taken notes and often we’ve left the appointment feeling elated about the sea of exciting adventures the future’s about to provide. At other times we’ve left feeling ripped off and confused because if you’ve seen more than one, you’re likely to now have conflicting info.

Psychics and fortune-tellers, over the centuries have used hundreds of different techniques from tarot card reading and crystal balls to reading the stones and tea leaves, many of which date back to before recorded history. There is evidence that the history of fortune-telling dates back as far as ancient China, Egypt, Chaldea, and Babylonia in 4000 BC.

Valid science or not

The term clairvoyance comes from the French clair meaning clear and voyance meaning vision and is the alleged ability to see information about people, events and objects through extrasensory perception.


Many research studies have been done in an attempt to establish its validity however the scientific community currently reports that no such evidence has been documented to support the existence of clairvoyance or those espousing to have psychic ability.  

Researchers at Goldsmiths University of London conducted a study to test whether or not two well-known psychics really had the power of sight they claimed. The results evidenced that neither scored more than one hit in five readings. Professor French explained that this result is consistent with the operation of chance alone. Which is probably about the same score as you or I could achieve in the same experience.

Our own influence on your future

Everything you do alters the future. Every decision you make, every person you interact with and every new thought that comes into your head has the potential to change what will happen in the weeks, months or years ahead. We have a new thought every 1.2 seconds and many of them will be put into action to change our direction.

Can psychics really tell your future? If you think about it on an analytical level, how can it be possible if the individual has the power to alter his or her own decisions on a daily basis?

Get the point? Sorry to be the spoiler but it’s not possible for anyone to know all of these things. And it’s certainly not possible to know how any of these things will alter your future trajectory.


Can psychics really tell your future or is it up to you to design it?

I’d be erring on the idea that you have more control over your future than you might think. Here’s the evidence…


Firstly, there is the Cause and Effect theory that supports the notion that nothing happens by chance, every action has a reaction, consequence or outcome. This theory is supported by the scientific community. Every single thing we do sparks off a wave of energy which in turn creates the effect, whether it be desirable or undesirable. 


This is the belief that we have an element of control over things that happen. We have the control, and our future cannot be known by another because it’s continually being altered by our own decision making.

Secondly, there is the theory of Locus of Control which offers that an individual’s belief system is either that he or she has a high or low level of control over experiences. Someone who has a high locus of control believes that they largely have control and influence over what happens in life. A person with a low locus of control tends to believe in chance, luck and that “things just happen” to them.

With intervention we can change our locus of control, take on a new belief system and begin to look at the events that happen to us differently. It is possible that people who rely on the information supplied by psychics/clairvoyants are likely to have a low locus of control. Whereas, people who believe they will make their future into what they want, are likely to have a high locus of control.

So, can psychics really tell your future? Evidence would indicate not. But more importantly, evidence does indicate that you are the one who has the maximum control over what happens to you.

There are things we have a high level of control over (like our diet, exercise, the way we think and our belief systems), and there are things we have a low, or no level of control over (like the weather, what others say and think).

The best way to live a rich, full and meaningful life is to concentrate on all the things you have control over and work toward making them the way that best works for you. Avoid procrastination and act. This way, you’ll have the best changes of creating the future you want, rather than sitting, waiting for it to occur and hoping someone else has the answers.

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