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100% Free Webinar on Getting a Radiant & Lasting Libido - The 5-Step Strategy.

This 45-minute free webinar will give you…

The 5-Step Strategy our clients use to get a RADIANT & LASTING LIBIDO, without even ever needing to talk about past painful intimate issues.

You will NOT need to talk about what went wrong intimately or who & what was to blame.

On this webinar you will learn how…

To use the 5 steps for getting a passionate sex-life back…

  • Even without having to have endless conversations to address the past intimate pain & resentments.

  • In 8 weeks, you’ll not only get the passion back but you’ll feel closer in your relationship than ever before, you’ll feel that deep love that you haven’t felt in a long time. 

  • You don’t need deep conversations & resolutions to get that passion back. You’ve already tried that. There is a cooler & easier way.

  • This is the secret to not only getting the sex-life you want but you’ll take your relationship from striving to thriving, from tense to sensual… starting today.

Our clients get all of this, without wasting endless hours of apologies & unworkable methods, because they know the secret strategies that other people don’t.

Watch Now

To book a video call with us to see if this is right for you, please click the button below.

Select a time on the calendar that’s right for you and we’ll call you to discuss your individual needs. Please ensure both relevant parties are on the call. 

Get a Radiant & Lasting Libido 8-Week Webinar & Coaching Series

This is the rich, full 8-week combination webinar and coaching program for those who want the deeper how-to details and finely tuned action steps. The program includes the webinars, coaching calls and handouts for the 8-week period, designed to keep you on track and help you solve problems as they come up.


This program includes:

  • 8 x separate weekly webinars. The program is also self-paced so can be completed over a longer time period if needed. We do recommend that whilst you have the maximum amount of momentum, complete the program sessions close together, for example in weekly increments.

  • Allow time in your week to complete the home exercises. This part is the most important part of the process. We’d love to be able to do this for you, but as you can imagine, we can’t. It’s all up to up at that point. Allow approximately 5 additional hours per week to work on the information you’ll be addressing on any given week.

  • 8 x contact calls with Terri to keep you on track and to help you solve problems that you’ve been unable to solve.

  • Handouts to work from.


Total Program Fee for the 8-Week Series  - $3 995.00

To register please fill in the form below.

8 Week Coaching & Webinar Series

Thanks for registering. We hope you are as excited as we are to have you on board. We'll be in touch with you shortly to arrange the details. Have a terrific day. From the Team at

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