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You deserve to feel fulfilled within yourself, and within your relationship and sexuality.

As a fully university-trained therapist with over 2 decades of experience, my goal is to help you find an inspiring version of yourself and your partnership. I bring no judgement to our work – we are all individuals and lead our own unique journey… I’ve heard everything in this field. You will not feel judged in any way.

Individual Therapy · Couples Therapy · Sex Therapy · Face-to-Face · Online or Phone Sessions - Business Hours,  After Hours,  Weekend Sessions

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What my clients say…

"Our experience with Terri has been nothing short of life-changing. We met her when our relationship felt almost unsalvageable - it was our last resort after ongoing conflict.

We soon formed a deep respect for Terri and her way of working through our grievances - she has broad experience and is well-informed on current research. Terri always made us feel validated, respected and supported during our sessions. She has really supported us as we learn about ourselves and how to better our relationship. We have developed meaningful skills to navigate the challenges of life together and now have a beautiful life together, having since started our little family. We now manage our challenges with the skills Terri taught us and are thriving and grateful. It still amazes us how Terri was able to pinpoint the root of our conflict and help us make what now feel like subtle changes that made a massive difference to our relationship. We will always be eternally grateful to Terri and could not recommend her more highly."

 Nick & Rosie, Red Hill QLD

"Terri was brilliant in finding the root of my issues that had kept me stuck for years by providing gentle support while challenging my thought processes and helping me find new ways of perceiving things. It has completely changed my life where I now feel connected and safe within myself. All of my closest friends have seen the positive changes in me and have changed their mind about what therapy entails. Terri taught me the skills that I never learned growing up in terms of emotional regulation and how to have a resilient mindset. For those who are feeling unsure about therapy which I was, give it a go with Terri and it would be one of the best things you could gift yourself. My personal reflection on this journey of healing with Terri is be patient and persistent and then the light will come."

Sheree, Holland Park, QLD


"My husband and I have been seeing Terri for couples therapy and we absolutely will not go to anyone else. From the very beginning Terri puts you at ease, makes you feel so comfortable, really listens and empathises with you. She is extremely knowledgeable in the techniques she teaches and even practices what she preaches. An absolute gem and expert in her field."  😃

Liana and Asher, Loganlea QLD.

“My wife and I, still quite in love after more than thirty years of marriage, started experiencing some problems in the bedroom.  We met with Terri a few times over the course of a month or so.  From the first minute, she made us feel comfortable discussing a very private and scary subject.  She helped analyse physical and emotional habits of which we had never been aware, and came up with some ideas for us to try.  Her suggestions which caused us to re-think ingrained expectations and unhelpful reactions, had an immediate impact.  Thanks to Terri’s insights, we are gradually, happily, rediscovering the intimacy that we thought we would never experience again”.  
David & Lesley, Kenmore Hills, QLD

“I was having a really hard time. I wasn’t happy in my job and I was really frustrated that I couldn’t find a partner. I was questioning what life was really going to be about for me. After working with Terri, I now know that I was putting way too much emphasis on searching for a partner and focusing on all the wrong things.I’ve now learnt to live in the present moment and focus on what’s really important. I feel content with who I am and where I’m at in life”. 
Shelby, Bulimba, QLD

“I want to thank Terri so much for helping me during a very challenging time in my life. The strategies she taught me honestly helped. 
I'm so grateful to share, that my health has improved so much and I never honestly thought I would get out of the black hole I was in. 
I have far more gratitude than ever, I see the world a little differently, I love myself, and my husband and I have grown even closer. Thank you, Terri for being a huge part of my healing journey”. 

Brittany, Tarragindi QLD

“My husband and I were having some highly emotional issues that we just couldn’t get past ourselves. After speaking with Terri, we’ve now reached a really great place. We’ve learnt to see things differently and have developed some new strategies to help us communicate better so we can both get our needs met.  It’s been 8 months and all is more than well. THANK YOU Terri. I cannot thank you enough. We are more in love today than we have ever been”. 
Carol, Hawthorne QLD

“Terri, I'd really like to thank you again for guiding and supporting me through a critical time in my life. I now feel an incredible sense of relief and wellbeing knowing that I have realised that my needs matter, that I am good enough, and now I can be true to myself and achieve the freedom I want in my life. My relationships are already changing in positive ways I couldn't have imaged a short time ago, and I'm incredibly grateful for the chance to know and work with you on my journey. You have helped me change my life and find peace within myself”.
Monique, New Farm QLD

Wellbeing with Terri O'Reilly
Wellbeing with Terri O'Reilly

Feeling like you're running a little low and your level of wellbeing could do with a jumpstart? Call now to discuss wellbeing packages.

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