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It proves to be a colossal task to locate the exact number of people dating in Australia. But on three main internet dating sites alone, over 4 million people were registered.


This may be only the tip of the iceberg with many internet sites not revealing their membership numbers, and then we have to consider the many people who date but who prefer not to use online services.

It seems natural to ponder why there are so many single searching people. Why haven’t these millions of seekers found each, despite the task seeming so easy since the inception of the internet?

Navigating dating has never been more difficult. As a society, we are highly sophisticated in our decision making, and more than ever we know what we want when searching for a partner.  Internet date sites can be our best friend on an otherwise lonely Friday night. They can be our security blanket that offers a level of comfort on the journey of finding the much-awaited ideal partner.

Conversely, they are also catalogues of countless competition. Like entering into any competition, it requires the participant to be on his/her best game, ready for the process and skilful. 

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